About this school

Everything you need to know

  • Course system

    The course is split into the modules. Each module represents a topic. This system allows you to choose topics that you would like to learn.

  • Module structure

    Each module contains 10 sections. In each section, you will find a step-by-step video of the painting process and guideline in PDF format.

  • Price

    1 module = $30. Full course, 8 modules = $199. In addition, you will get a basic course that covers everything you need to know to get started with watercolor.

  • Unlimited access

    You get unlimited access to purchased modules or course.

  • Learn anywhere

    Switch between your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

  • Support

    Get my support along with your watercolor learning. Ask me any questions. Fantastic feature, isn't? 😉


8 MODULES: galaxy, animals, flowers, food, desserts, leaves & plants, greeting cards, winter illustrations + basic course



Don't forget that you will get the following

  • Basic Course

    You will get everything you need to know to get started with watercolor. The course will cover supplies, watercolor techniques, water balance and color mixing sections.

  • Teacher support

    You will be able to ask me any questions while your learning journey.

Students Artworks

This course is only result-oriented. No "water"!


“Just finished the course #dearannart_course "desserts". I think this is a great course for watercolor beginners. This course is very accessible. You can paint by the video lesson. Or use the guideline with simple steps. Watercolors with Ann @dearannart is simple as "one, two, three". ”

@natanazarian (Intagram account)


“Forget-me-not inspired by dearannart tutorial. Her simple way of explaining how to watercolor these beauties makes painting possible for anyone. ~”

@xtel_creates (Instagram account)


“Finished the watercolour Food module from ! So happy with how they all turned out, especially that pear... 😍 Can't wait for the next yummy module!”

@thisisihsan (Instagram account)



  • Can I get a refund?

    Yes, you can get a full refund within 24 hours after purchase.


Hello :) I am a watercolor illustrator based in London. I passionate about watercolor painting and love to share my knowledge with other people. I am confident that anyone can become a successful watercolor artist without a professional degree in this field. Throughout my life, I have illustrated multiple children’s books and cookbooks, painted all sorts of greeting cards and hundreds of illustrations, successfully launched online courses and over 10 workshops in the UK. I have taught hundreds of people to love watercolor painting and not be afraid of it and now I would like to share my knowledge with you!

Anna Koliadych

Watercolor Illustrator

Anna Koliadych